Standards Based Report Card Resources

The Sandwich Public Schools embarked on a transition to Standards Based Report Cards, K-6, beginning in 2012 . We launched the new report cards in waves - with K-2 starting in 2014-2015 and Gr 3-6 starting in 2016-2017. In addition, K-2 will have a revised report card in 2016-2017.

When we started this work in 2012, a wise teacher who had been involved in the last report card revision of the late 1990's said: "Be sure to review, reflect and revise the Report Cards after we begin to use them. That was the mistake we made last time around. We didn't plan to make changes, and so, even when we knew our report card didn't meet all our needs, we didn't make any changes."

We have taken her advice to heart, and consider the SBRC Initiative to be ongoing. We are planning on two-year revision cycles, and we are asking for feedback from teachers and families. When we make changes to a product, it isn't an indication that it was flawed - it reflected our best thinking at the time we created it. We believe in an approach that reflects continuous growth, and encourages reflection and continuous improvement.

Please explore all the resources we have made available. The links in the column on the left will bring you to a variety of resources.

Contact us with questions and comments:

Maureen Wiklund

Director of Curriculum

[email protected]

Grade K-2

Revision: 2016-2017

Launch: 2014-2015

Next revision planned for 2018-2019

Grade 3-6

Launch: 2016-2017

Revision planned for 2018-2019

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