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365 Quaker Meeting House Rd E.Sandwich MA 02537 508-888-5300

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We Believe:
Every student has value and deserves the opportunity to achieve his or her potential
Assessment informs instruction
Learning is personalized, collaborative, and reflective
Academic, athletic, and artistic excellence is promoted
Competence and confidence prepare students to contribute to the world

Twenty-first Century Learning Expectations:
Students will:
Speak, read and write effectively across the curriculum for a variety of purposes
Apply reasoning and problem-solving in all disciplines
Express ideas creatively across the curriculum
Use information, media, and technology effectively and responsibly
Develop physical and artistic skills

Students will:
Assume responsibility for their own decisions and behavior
Demonstrate a willingness to resolve conflicts responsibly
Contribute to the welfare of others
Learn to collaborate effectively

Students will:
Foster respectful and productive relationships in and beyond the community
Exercise their rights and responsibilities in a democratic society

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