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School and District Report Cards from Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

We are pleased to provide the links below for the Massachusetts Report Cards for each of our schools, and for the district. The Report Cards provide information about school and district accountability, achievement, our students and teachers, and other important measures of school performance.

The School Report Cards are new this year, both in format and in the information provided. You will see a series of questions that you can click on to learn about the school’s demographics, academic opportunities, student attendance and discipline, per student spending and more. The final question in the series is: “How is our school doing in the state’s accountability system?”

Clicking on the final question brings you to the Overall Classification - what we think of as the school’s “rating.”

Schools are placed into categories that describe how they are doing and what kind of support they may receive from the state.

15% of Massachusetts schools are in the category of “Schools Requiring Assistance or Intervention

  • Focused/Targeted Support indicates very specific needs to be addressed
  • Broad/comprehensive support indicates needs across all school indicators

85% of Massachuetts schools are in the category of “Schools without required assistance or intervention”

  • Schools of Recognition are schools who show growth above expectations
  • Meeting Targets are schools that have meet the targets for growth set by the state
  • Partially Meeting Targets are schools that have not met all targets for all indicators.

DESE has published two helpful documents that explain the Accountability System and the School and District Report Cards.

2017-2018 Forestdale Report Card

2017-2018 Oak Ridge Report Card

2017-2018 STEM Academy Report Card

2017-2018 Sandwich High School Report Card

2017-2018 District Report Card