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Elementary Science

Vision of Science in K-6

We believe that Science is not only an academic endeavor but also a way to understand the world around us. The Sandwich Public schools has designed the science program to encourage students to investigate and develop their natural curiosity. As students progress from Pre-K through Grade 6, they will gain confidence in asking questions, and answering those questions through observation and experimentation.

Students will read from multiple sources in order to hone their scientific literacy skills- with the goal of having students grow to be active participants in science related conversations and civic activities.

Sandwich has a scaffolded STEM curriculum . The elementary students will also be exposed to an increasing amount of technology and engineering that will aid them as they learn to scientifically test, hypothesize and communicate their findings.

We hope that all of the students will find science to be a never ending supply of learning opportunites and a way to connect our planet, technology, solutions and each other.

Oakridge School Curriculum