Fine, Applied, Performing & Media Arts

Fine Arts
Courses within the Fine Arts program consist of studio-based visual art classes that enhance creative thinking, 21st century learning competencies, and problem-solving skills through hands-on learning experiences. Independent and collaborative assignments allow students to explore materials, processes, and techniques to express their personal styles and communicate ideas visually. Courses within the Fine Arts department are developed with the understanding that every student has value and deserves the opportunity to achieve his or her potential.

The SHS Wood Technology courses (I, II, and III) are based on learning and building upon skills, procedures, and safety protocols that will enable each student to attain personal growth. This knowledge is gained through project work starting with a group/team project and progressing towards individual works. Courses within the Applied Arts are created with the understanding that learning is personalized, collaborative, and reflective.

Performing Arts
The performing arts department focuses on developing skills in vocal, instrumental, and theater arts and encouraging collaboration among its members. All students involved will participate in live public performances, school-wide events, and performing arts competitions and festivals throughout the school year. Through participating in these courses, students’ competence and confidence increase and they are better prepared to contribute to the world.

Media Arts
The media arts includes screen-based projects presented via film, television, radio, audio, video, the Internet, interactive and mobile technologies, and transmedia storytelling.