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Sixth Grade

Sixth Grade at Oak Ridge

When eleven and twelve year olds enter sixth grade it is the beginning of adolescence. They are changing in many ways. Socially, they become more interested in their peers and want to increase their time spent with their friends. This is a time where friendships may change as “cliques” may form especially for the girls. Physically, although they continue to have a lot of energy they may require more sleep and start sleeping in more in the morning. Cognitively, you may see students start to like one subject more than others as they begin to think more abstractly. They begin to want more explanations as to how what they learn is relevant to their life.

Curriculum: Here are some of the things you may see in a sixth grade classroom

Language Arts:

Reading: Teachers utilize a variety of methods to teach Reading. They begin with mentor texts that introduce mini lessons. These lessons then are studied through guided reading groups, independent reading, literature circles and whole class novels. Lesson objectives for reading come from the Fountas and Pinnell Literacy Continuum.

Writing: Teachers also utilize mentor texts to guide writing. There are three major writing assignments, one per semester. These are Narratives, Argumentative and Informational writing assignments. They use the writing process to help guide students. Mini lessons are also used to instruct writing.

Word Study: Our focus is on vocabulary and Greek and Latin elements while still working on word principles.

Science: Teachers are using Stemscopes, an online program, to help support their curriculum. There is no text. Students have science journals where they record their work etc. Some of the units of study this year include: Geological History, Earth, Sun and Moon Systems, Cells, Property of Waves and Chemical Reactions.

Math: Teachers continue to use the Everyday Math program. Students will select from a variety of online resources including Moby Max and Jog Nog. Units include: Ratios and Proportions, Statistics and Probability, Geometry and Expressions and Equations.

Social Studies: The year begins with a focus on the formation of our government and what it means to be a citizen. Students will learn through cooperative grouping, inquiry based projects and using writing to tie everything together.

Responsive Classroom- Sixth grade continues to utilize Responsive Classroom as a means of building community, character development, self awareness, responsibility, and accountability.

Grade 6 Teams (2019-2020)

Carol Archambeault - Reading/Writing/Word Study/Social Studies - Julie Santoni – Math & Brendan Pursel - Science

Yvonne Hunt - Reading/Writing/Word Study/Social Studies - Kate Carl– Math & Kristin Jacobson -Science

Debra Stanton - Reading/Writing/Word Study/Social Studies - Sharon Dumas – Math & Sue Maciel- Science