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Fourth Grade

Fourth Grade at Oak Ridge

Nine and ten year olds are at a fun age where they are not quite “little kids” and have not quite reached adolescence. They enter the classroom each day with curiosity and enthusiasm! Fourth grade teachers at Oak Ridge believe that the social/emotional curriculum is as important as the academic curriculum. Creating a classroom family where our students feel safe, respected, and valued is key to a successful year. Our focus is on teaching the whole child and creating classrooms where children feel safe taking risks and learn from their mistakes.

Here is what a day in the life of a fourth grader at Oak Ridge may look like:
Morning Meeting: At Oak Ridge we begin each day as a classroom community for our Morning Meeting. The components to our Morning Meeting are: Pledge of Allegiance, Greeting, Share, Group-building Activity, Read the Message, and Discuss our Schedule. This is a time where we build community and start our day in a positive way with lots of smiles.

Math: Fourth grade continues to use the EveryDay Math program. Students will review and explore concepts such as geometry, multiplying larger numbers with partial products, dividing larger numbers using partial quotient division, and deepening their understanding of fractions! They will build on these concepts through inquiry, group discussions, guided math, interactive notebooks, math games, and online resources.

Science: —Our science curriculum is aligned with the NGSS. —Each student uses an interactive science notebook to record their observations and discoveries. The three strands we cover are life science, physical science, and earth science.— Technology and engineering are woven throughout each strand taught. Some of the topics, lessons, and activities to include: Rock Patterns, —Weathering and Erosion, —Renewable and Nonrenewable energy, —Natural Disasters, —Model of a wave of energy, —How energy is transferred and changes (light, sound, electrical and heat), and more! Science is hands on and lots of fun!

Social Studies: In fourth grade students will further develop their knowledge of history and geography. They will explore topics such as; continents and landforms, map skills, locating states and capitals, and characteristics of the North American countries. Another major area of study is —recognizing how immigrants can become US citizens. Students will become more aware of the these concepts through project-based learning.

Word Study: Fourth graders will spend time becoming word observers and studying words. The focus this year is on spelling, vocabulary, and grammar skills.

Writing Workshop: We want to deepen fourth graders understanding of the writing process by further developing writing strategies and skills. We also hope for our students to be able to write for sustained periods. What writing workshop looks like: mini lessons on writing strategies and techniques, inquiry and emersion into different genres, individual conferences with teacher, writing buddies, and lots of time to write and build up their writing stamina. The three major writing pieces students will complete are: narrative, informational, and opinion. Students will also spend time free writing, creating poetry, and more.

Reading Workshop: Our goal is to encourage students to read a variety of genres in fourth grade. Skills include critical thinking, predictions, character development, plot, making connections, author’s message, and most importantly reading for enjoyment. What reading workshop looks like: mini-lesson, small group and whole group discussions, independent reading, student/teacher conferences, literature circles, book clubs, reading buddies, guided reading groups, interactive read alouds, poetry, responding to reading in reading notebooks, and exploration of different fiction and informational genres.

Fourth Grade Teams (2019-2020)

Sonya D'Angelo - Reading/Writing/Word Study/Social Studies & Liz Beloin - Math/Science

Theresa Gould - Reading/Writing/Word Study/Social Studies & Katie Alty - Math/Science

Kim Mello-self-contained all subjects

Christine Neske - Reading/Writing/Word Study/Social Studies & Stephanie Handrahan - Math/Science

Liz Tobia - Reading/Writing/Word Study/Social Studies & Doreen Chagnon - Math/Science

“Together may we give our children the roots to grow and the wings to fly.”