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Clarification Regarding SBRCs and Special Education Students in your class

Regarding Grading Practices:

If a student is receiving all Math or Literacy Instruction outside of the general ed classroom, the teacher providing that instruction will be responsible for the grade on the report card.

In cases where multiple teachers are working with a student, there is an expectation that the teachers will collaborate to establish an appropriate grade for the student.

All students - even those on Ed Plans - are being assessed on progress toward the standards, just the same as all the other students. It is possible that there will be more N (Not Yet) grades on the report cards of students who are below grade level than you might have for other students in your class.

The Progress Report that goes home as often as report cards do, and it reports progress on goals that are on the Ed Plan.

Further information:

What is the difference between accommodations and modifications?


Accommodations are changes to the course content, teaching strategies, standards, test preparation, location, timing, scheduling, expectations, student responses, environmental structuring and/or attributes which provide access for a student with a disability to participate in a course/standard/test which DO NOT fundamentally alter or lower the standards or expectations of the course/standard/test.

  • Does not impact how grading is done. Accommodations do NOT need to be noted on a report card. (no more than you would note on a report card which students wear eye glasses)
  • An accommodation is something done to make the learning accessible to students. Examples include preferential seating, a pair of glasses, use of technology across the day.
♦ Modifications are changes which DO fundamentally alter or lower the standards or

expectations of the course/standard/test.

  • The standards are changed for a particular student
  • Example include: allowing the student to use their notes for tests, modifying the content so that the student only needs to learn key concepts or teaching curriculum that is entirely different from that being used by the general education students, or allowing a student to use a calculator in order to calculate on a test
Modifications for students should ONLY be made when modifications are indicated on an IEP. Consultation regarding the modifications required should be sought to ensure adherence to the agreed upon IEP.

Source: Miriam Kurtzig Freedman, J.D., (1999) as quoted in “Guidelines For the Promotion and Retention of Special Education Students,”