Health Services


Nursing Supervisor

Nicola Bordelon A-CE, BSN, RN

[email protected]

Sandwich High School Nurse

Cindy Desimone BSN, RN

[email protected]

STEM Academy School Nurse

Jennie Macdonald BSN, RN, NCSN

[email protected]

Oak Ridge School Nurses

Jennifer Blackington BS, RN, NCSN

[email protected]

Angela Labelle, BSN, RN

Forestdale School Nurses

Liz Lopes, BSN, RN, NCSN

[email protected]

Crista Nardone, BSN, RN

[email protected]

Dr. Vanessa Rallis

School Physician Consultant


Medication Authorization

Massachusetts School Health Record

Medical Field Trip Consent

Anaphylaxis Emergency Action Plan

Asthma Action Plan

Policies and Protocols:

Medication Administration

State Mandated Health Screenings

Concussion Management Policy Grades 7-12

Guidelines for School Attendance

Head Lice

Animals in School

Sunscreen Protocol

Human and Animal Bites Protocol


State of Massachusetts Influenza Vaccination Mandate 2020

Immunization Schedule/ School Requirements

Hand, Foot, and Mouth

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