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Lead Water Testing at Sandwich Public Schools

The Sandwich Public Schools has tested the water Sandwich Public School buildings over the past several months. Communications, updates, useful links and data will be listed here as it becomes available.

For questions or concerns, please contact us at jrnelson@sandwich.k12.ma.us

Please see below for information:

Superintendent’s Letter –Jan 18, 2017

Superintendent’s Letter –Feb 28, 2017

Water Testing Results for All Schools:

Sandwich High School

Testing results TBD

Oak Ridge School

We are pleased to report that none of the sample results exceeded the Action Levels for lead or copper in the school’s drinking water.


Two taps at the Forestdale school had results that exceeded the action level for lead on the "first draw" sample, but were below it on the flush sample. Those specific results are below. All taps at both schools tested below the action levels for copper.

Sample LocationDescription



Lead Results(mg/L) "Fist Draw"

Action Taken

FD Room 115, classroom faucet




Fixture disconnected from plumbing

FD Room 220,classroomfaucet

12/2/2 016


0.0166 6

Fixturedisconnectedfrom plumb ing

The administration takes these results very seriously and is moving immediately to safeguard the health of the students, faculty and staff. Both of the taps that tested positive for lead were removed from service on January 5, 2017, the day the results were received from MassDEP. Those faucets will be replaced, and the water from them will be resampled prior to putting them back into service. The High School samples were collected later in the month, and the results have not been received yet. Should any of those results come in above Mass DEP action levels, the district will take similar immediate action.